Day trip to the Crayola Factory in Easton, Pennsylvania

There was a "car" you could draw on

In a nutshell: This is a cool place and I’d love to come back when Baby C is a little older. She is definitely a little young for the kinds of activities and play the Crayola Factory offers. I wanted to stay and look around and explore more of the place, but C was about ready for her lunch and nap and I wanted to avoid a meltdown. AND it was crazy crowded. Like nuts crazy. Like… OMG get-me-out-of-here-before-I-have-a-meltdown.

Easton is about an hour’s drive from our house, and I wanted to leave so that we’d get there right when the place opened (which the Crayola Factory site recommends). But of course we got a late start and that didn’t happen.

Tip: you can buy your tickets online and either print them out or have them waiting for you at the front desk. I would totally recommend doing this! We didn’t and we had a long line to wait on when we first got there (though the line moved pretty quickly). Their site also lists some of the busiest times of the year … hmmm, Winter Break is on there… could December 29 be considered Winter Break? Perhaps.

On our way home I was trying to think of a good time to visit when it might not be as busy… maybe in September when most kids are going back to school? We’ll see if I think she would be able to handle this next September!

In the modeling clay room

Me and C

Bird's eye view of the Crazy and the Crayola Color Carousel

Another view of the clay room

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5 thoughts on “Day trip to the Crayola Factory in Easton, Pennsylvania

  1. The Crayola Factory has been on my “places to visit” list forever! Looks like so much fun. I’ll definitely take the advice about what times to go. When we went to the aquarium, it was packed and we didn’t like that. It’s hard to have the best time with little ones when they keep getting bumped into.

    Thanks for sharing this with the pics!

  2. We totally need to get the girl/s there. A is deffo too young, and T probably needs another few months before she’s a good age. It’s half-way to good friends house, so maybe an idea would be to stop there on the way down. Hum….

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